A Fan Vs A Glory Hunter!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"New Players, New Manager, New Season. But same old result. I cant support this useless team. Barcelona, here i come." - Said a Manchester United "Fan" on his FB account this morning, after Manchester United's losing streak. Seriously??

This is just today's news. But in general, whenever any Sports team loses a match or a few in a run... its so called "Fans" become calm and some start hating it or shifting teams too.
In case of National teams, since we do not have a choice, we complain and stay calm. But with Sports teams, its different.

Until last year, Manchester United fans were on fire. In India, where those who doesnt even know in which league Manchester United plays, have also call'ed themselves as fans!! Celebrated their victories. Mocked other teams.
Ask me, how many harsh moments I had got to face, being a Manchester City fan. Undergone a lot of Humiliation.
A lot more than i got to face with 'Kolkata Knight Riders', which came in bottom Two for initial seasons.

But times changed. It happens. that is the greatness of Time. It is never on one's side forever.
In the last 3 years, KKR and Manchester City went on to win the league Twice, in 2012 and 2014 respectively. This has shut many mouths, but many are still infuriated and keep seeking some points to cover up their Jealousy and boasting about their History. Who lives in History? History is done and is just for papers! The present and Future is something, which matters.

So the point is : A Fan is someone, who doesnt give up hope on their team, irrespective of its Winning or Losing streaks! But a Glory hunter would be one, who shifts the gear towards any winning team, away from the team he supports, when is in a bad phase.

By giving some time, any one can rise to achieve the heights. Its not how we did, that matters. It matters only if we did it or not. Each victory has a story behind it. Whether you like it or not depends on how you see!

Tip : While seeking a Relationship, go for a Fan, who has 'Loyality' in his Blood. He wont leave you for a better person even when you are in a bad phase.
Learn the difference between a Fan and a Glory Hunter!

~ Me? I just am a proud fan of Manchester City, Kolkata Knight Riders and a few, each in each Sport! ~

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